Hello. I’m Elaine. I’m an English teacher in Bozeman, MT. This is the story of my teacher life, but mainly about my big adventure cycling a whole lotta miles this summer.

I teach the Literature side of a U.S. studies co-teaching class with two other people, and I also teach Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature as an elective. My days are full to the brim with awesome people, but my mind is even more full of ideas. I need some time to process them all out, and what better way than spending 8hrs a day on a bicycle going through some great parts of America?

It’s definitely going to be a learning experience. But I think that teachers should be learners. Maybe I can share some of what I gain. Thanks for your support!





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Anna Valan Bahnson says:


    Way to go tackling this trip! I’m looking forward to following you as you go. I’m also embarking on a trip next Thursday. My father-in-law (also a teacher) and I are going to ride 15 days on the great divide route throughout Montana. If we like it we might try and do sections of the whole route each summer. If you are ever looking for ride partner for another trip let me know! Best of luck!


    • ekwarn says:

      Yeah!! Great Divide! You’ll have to let me know how it is, as I’m not a super technical mtn biker, but I’d love to do that route, especially the portions in MT. Good luck to you and your pops-in-law! Let me know if you need anything.


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