Day 4-Julian

Route: Wooded Hills on Mt. Laguna to Julian CA
Route Miles: 27
Total Trip Miles: 114

Wahoo! I crossed the 100 miles pedaled mark this morning! I was ridiculously excited, even though it feels relatively slow going. However, the views of Anza Borrego Desert State Park were pretty incredible in the morning light. I also found the PCT and hiked about 100 yards along it. You can see it going for miles across the desert, up and down and up and down again with very little shade.


The PCT is in the bottom left corner. Out beyond is Anza Borrego Desert.

Today was a “rest” day, but I still biked a healthy distance. Most of it was downhill (remember, what goes down must go up again). In town, I took advantage of the local library and took a nap in a cushy chair, and spent several hours reading. My mirror had not arrived at the post office, and I’m worried this will be due to Amazon maybe not doing general delivery. But they said it’ll be here tomorrow when I called. So I wait. In the mean time, today’s adventure was finding a place to stay. The San Diego county parks are awfully expensive compared to my budget expectations, so it’s time to get creative. When I was asking the ranger if they offered hiker/biker prices, which they don’t, he had a thought and said he’d call me back in a few. So I waited some more. He called a friend who owns a winery, and who is graciously letting me crash there. It was a couple miles out of town on a very hilly road, but it was beautiful in the vineyard. There is a group setting up for a blues music festival that starts tomorrow. At first they were confused and were refusing to let me stay. I think my eyes watered up a little, and the guy slowed down enough for me to say that I wasn’t there for the festival and wasn’t trying to scam his operation. No real tears yet, though 😉

I managed to cook real food for the first time tonight. Mostly I’ve been eating deli sandwiches. So I made spanish rice with tomatoes, coconut milk, lime, and avocado. But the portion turned out HUGE. Travelling solo, the food gets a little complicated. So full. And leftovers in a ziplock for tomorrow.

There is a cat here to keep me company, and he reminds me a little of Alanna’s (only my nerd friends will understand), with soft black fur and purple-grey eyes. He is my protector for the evening, the vineyard guardian.


Vineyard Sunset


8 thoughts on “Day 4-Julian

  1. Perri says:

    Hello from hot and humid Memphis. I’m here with Megan Hambrick for World Language curriculum work. We are learning a lot and enjoying a variety of Southern food. So nice to read of your adventures. How wonderful to be able to stay at the vineyard. Be safe and be happy. You are amazing!!!!


    • ekwarn says:

      Urgh, humidity. Hope you had a wonderful conference! I’ve got some plan changes in the works, so I’ll maybe shoot you an email later this week. Thanks for your support! Hope your adventures are going well.


  2. Tony Penz says:

    Looking forward to reading more
    Interesting ride so far as I’m interested in doing it next year
    Tony Penz


    • ekwarn says:

      Hi Tony! You should definitely do it. It’s amazing. My first really important recommendations: train. The hills are serious business. Get a bike with good gearing and make sure your gear weight is not too heavy. Second, start earlier than me, May or June. The heat is killing me.


      • Tony Penz says:

        I was thinking of doing it around late April early May
        Challenging but scenic
        I always say that some of the best scenery is on top of the hills, just have to get there first
        It’s so disappointing you’re doing this ride by yourself


      • ekwarn says:

        Nah, I like going at my own pace,
        Being solo is half the fun. Late April may be a little early for some of the passes. Tioga, Monitor, Lassen, etc sometimes don’t open until June because of snow.


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