The Dream

My bike will take me on the Sierra-Cascades Route while I learn and live-

  • A journey of lifelong learning that will enhance my life as a person and teacher.
  • 3600 Miles (I hope)
  • 70 Days
  • A cross-curricular study in Ecolit, Place-based Writing, Photography, and Story-Telling

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Route Dates and Mileages: (Estimates may change based on the discovery of my actual abilities)

Sierra Cascades Trail:
San Diego, CA to Lake Isabella, CA- 541 miles, 65 mpd, June 13-June23
Lake Isabella, CA to Truckee, CA- 557 miles, 65 mpd, June 23-July 4
Truckee, CA to Crater Lake, OR- 459 miles, 65 mpd, July 4-July 15
Crater Lake, OR to Mt. Rainier, WA- 441 miles, 65 mpd, July 15- July 22

Washington Parks Trail:
Mt. Rainier, WA to Port Angeles, WA- 275 miles, 65 mpd, July 23-July 27
Ride the ferry to Victoria BC, Ride 28 mi to Sidney BC, Ride the Ferry to Anacortes, Wa

Northern Tier Trail:
Anacortes, WA to Sandpoint, ID- 457.5 miles, 70 mpd August 1-August 7
Sandpoint, ID to St. Mary, MT- 304 miles, 70 mpd August 7-August 12
St. Mary, MT to Missoula, MT- 263 miles, 70 mpd, August 12-August 18

TransAmerica Trail:
Missoula, MT to West Yellowstone, MT- 328.5 miles, 75 mpd, August 18-August 23